Friday, May 7, 2010

Wireless Virtual Machines


  • I don't like doing dev work on OSX, so I have a number of VMWare vms running Gentoo Linux where I do my actual development. OSX works great to provide anywhere-access via wireless and sleep.

  • Most free wifi places such as Panera's, Border's, and Barnes & Nobel requires you to access their website first before they let you through.

  • Besides, I don't like using VMware to bridge connections for Linux through WiFi.

  • I don't like using a NAT since I'm often already behind a NAT

  • I still need wireless net access when I'm sitting at a coffee shop


  1. Install and configure nylon via MacPorts

  2. Install and configure proxychains on Linux VMs.



  • I have tried antinat but it was way too complicated and I could get it to play without any authentication.

  • When I was using a Gentoo linux laptop for my primary dev platform, I have tried using tsocks and it simply didn't work very well. proxychains, on the other hand, works.

  • You definitely want to lock down nylon so that it only accepts inbound connections from the vmnet1 device

  • I have an outgoing ssh proxy for WiFi anyways. Guess what proxychains does?

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  1. Good thing I posted this here. I had forgotten which package my OSX box used.